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Re: My 'fantagical' tour story

#45753 3 years, 2 months ago
@ into the sun You are right, the 'duh' was unnecessary I guess I added it for dramatic flair, but looking back ,you are correct it seems to belittle a person who did me a huge solid. I'm taking it away.

@ Terrapin Sedation Those were pretty much my thoughts exactly.
If I were to go into more detail about the situation that led up to my being on that train it would be fairly obvious what this man was doing in that place at that time.
I don't want to tell the first part of the story because it would involve saying some not very nice things about a person that I did do a huge favor for (rescue- wise) while at the Broomfield shows.

Suffice it to say that the ride and all it's magic completely wiped away any negative feelings I might have had and so I feel no need to bash someone who hurt me pretty badly.

standing on the moon
with nothing left to do
a lovely view of heaven
but i'd rather be with you
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