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need an extra for Bobby at the Ramble :(

#45638 3 years, 3 months ago
i checked a few times today on the Ramble site and nothing, I was just looking for rreviews on .org and I see that its been announced and sold out!

I must of checked 4 hours agho, that sucks Im so bummed.

if anybody has an extra I can make your night totally worth it and give you whatever for the ticket

but I'm not expecting it, place holds like 150 I think...

fuckin tripping now to, I just may have looke dearlier if I wasn't tripping.....
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Re: need an extra for Bobby at the Ramble :(

#45712 3 years, 3 months ago
I'm not expecting responses here, I just gotta vent a little -

It all started when Phil announced the Ramble and I could of got tickets that night and held off for reasons to long to get into here, but anyway the next morning I decided I could make it but obviously it was sold out. Somebody at that Ramble posted on here that they heard from a security guard that Bobby would be there next. Ever since then I have been checking the Ramble site daily in anticipation - I knew it was coming and knew how special it was and how 'on the ball' I had to be.....

I checked the Ramble site early this morning and then again it had to be around 2pm and there was nothing new. So I prepare for my trip n all that and I'm looking at the setlist Furthur is playing tonight and I think its set break and I'm craving some more reviews on tonights set so I go check the .org forums .... I'm looking for the thread for tonights show and then I see a thread about Bobby at the Ramble and my heart like - I don't even know what my heart did - but it was sold out and I was extreemly bummed - blew my trip which I was just coming onto nice.

I can't even explain how dissapointing it is, knowing how nice the place is, expecting this show to happen, checking on it daily...... and then it gets announced and sells out within 4-6 hours of me checking up on it!!

I can't help but think if I probably would have checked at the right time if I decided not to trip tonight ..... I'm also bummed that I can't be part of the .org community as well (I need an e-mail thats not from a website) and if I was part of that community I would have been up to date on the board there and would have caught the announcement in time. Since I'm not a member there It kinda loses interest for me to lurk around all the time, I was looking for reviews there tonight.

This show is sept 2nd ..... I'll be right there in Woodstock on sept 3rd (got my tickets) and I'll be going up to Moedown to catch Bobby playing with Levon there on the 4th as well. This show would of totally been the icing on the cake, now I gotta think about what I'm missing -- gotta be grateful for what I am lucky enough to make though -- I bet his rescheduled tour will be right around this time.

Obviously like I said above I'll pay whatever anyone wants for an extra and make it worth it for ya 10 fold besides that - but I realize there are most likely no extras - just gotta try anyway and pray for a miracle, ya know?
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Re: need an extra for Bobby at the Ramble :(

#45713 3 years, 3 months ago
sucks man, i was at a wedding all night, heard about it from a friend, obv sold out...it was me who told you what the security guard said, he was not joking, that is what he told me at the phil ramble...place is magical, i'd do anything to return, a ramble with weir would be special...let me tell you this...i got shut out of tickets to see phil there, and the ticket found me...never give up hope, if you were meant to be there...you'll be there
who else is gonna bring you, a broken arrow?
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Re: need an extra for Bobby at the Ramble :(

#45739 3 years, 3 months ago
Might have an extra. Check with me closer to the show date
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Re: need an extra for Bobby at the Ramble :(

#45743 3 years, 3 months ago
I have had the worst luck lately with shows (except for the smiley miracle!! ..so bummed to have missed this!!! If anyone has extras I will trade 2 - 9th row tickets to the post poned Bobby solo Charlottesville show and the difference in the ticket prices, it's a long shot but without love and a dream it will never come true. Thanks!!!NFA!!
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Re: need an extra for Bobby at the Ramble :(

#45745 3 years, 3 months ago
that would be something man, I promise to make it worth it if you end up with an extra

I'll even pick you up and drop you off home after the show if you and who your going with don't want to worry about driving.... (i may eat a few shrooms but don't drink or nothing and will be totally fine to drive after a show)
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